Ferreira do Zêzere Producers’ Club

More about the project

One of the great challenges facing Ferreira do Zêzere is to define integrated and strategic policies to promote the identity of the municipality and its people. A significant part of this work undoubtedly involves publicizing the municipality’s products and producers, with a view to promoting gastronomic production and local culture in an integrated way.

In this way, the union and strength of our region’s producers is reinforced in favor of regional development and the creation of a brand that will gain strength and assert itself in the market through the quality of the products and the exceptionality of the services provided.

The Clube de Produtores de Ferreira do Zêzere (Ferreira do Zêzere Producers’ Club) arose from the desire to support all those in the municipality who work with the resources that the region has to offer, helping nature to bring high quality products to the consumer, which awaken the senses and give a sense of the territory’s distinctive character.

Strategically, this project is aligned with the creation and affirmation of the “Ferreira do Zêzere – Land of Senses” brand. This executive’s aim is to elevate the territory, its people and its products
its products and thus present it in an integrated and distinctive way!

Visit this land of the senses and let yourself be seduced by the colors of our landscapes, tasting the best that the people of Ferreira do Zêzere have to offer.

Feel our land, our natural, historical, built, cultural and ethnographic heritage; Feel Ferreira do Zêzere!